We encourage you to

Go for a sunset/ moonshine swim
> Again, Bira’s sunsets can be pretty amazing. Take the time to have a walk on the beach and if the tide allows go for a sunset swim and watch the sun kiss the sea good night. If you stay around full moon, we can only recommend to try a night swim.

Make a bonfire on the beach
> Bora Beach feels like a private beach, specially once the sun is down. On many beaches it is not allowed to make a bonfire – here it still is, so feel free! Grab your kids or partner, collect some drift wood and prepare a small bonfire.

Star gaze at night
> Throughout most of the year Bira is usually blessed with a clear night sky. Don’t be afraid of the dark – turn off the lights and look up! With a bit of patience, you might spot a shooting star. A great spot to watch the night sky is on our rooftop at The Upper Space. Our sundeck chairs and beanbags make it perfect.

Listen to mother nature at sunrise
> The early bird catches the worm – or a wonderful sunrise in our case. Open your doors and wait until the birds start to sing. Or again, go up on the rooftop. Over a period of more than half an hour you will notice the change in nature’s songs and sounds.

Go snorkeling and freediving
> Explore the underwater world while the ocean is at your front doorstep.

Stay with us!

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